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Q: Who is the character in Mario with the L on his hat?
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Why does Luigi have a L on his hat?

because his name is mario

What does luigi look like in super Mario 64?

Luigi is not in Super Mario 64. But he would likely just be Mario with a green shirt, green hat, and an L on his hat.

What are Super Mario initials?

For crying out loud, just look at the front of their hats! It says 'M' on mario's hat and 'L' on luigi's hat. You can't miss it.

Where do the keys in super Mario 64 DS lead to?

Some open locked doors.If it has a hat on it,you will unlock the character with that hat.

What colour is mario's hat?

I recall it being red?

Should i get the Mario hat or doc Louis's punch out from club Nintendo?

Mario hat!!!!!

What color is fire Mario's hat?

Fire Mario's hat is white, with a red 'M'.

What are the red things on the Mario character Geno's hat?

I'm pretty sure those curls are part of the hat. After all, Geno is a simple wooden doll. It's unlikely that it's hair.

In which worlds can Mario lose his hat in Mario 64?

Mario can lose his hat from the bird in Shifting Sand Land and can lose his hat from the wind blasting from the snowman at Snowman Land.

Can you be mari in new Super Mario Brothers?

Mario is the default character in New Super Mario Bros. You can also be luigi by pressing R and L before entering the game

Super Mario Brothers who the hell is Mr L?

First of all, please don't use swear language on WikiAnswers. Second of all, there is no character named Mr. L in the Mario series. If you are talking about Luigi, he is Mario's younger brother.

How do you put a Mario hat on a mii character on the wii?

You need to go to the wii check me out channel and there should be some where to get one im shore.