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It all depends on what stat/typing the pokemon you're looking for has. Overall Kyogre/Rayquaza are the stongest WILD pokemon (The pokemon you use are generally stronger due to EV's) Being levels 45 and 70 (Kyogre 45 Rayquaza 70)

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Q: Who is the best pokemon to use in Pokemon sapphire?
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What is best Pokemon to use in Pokemon sapphire?

the best pokemon to use is mudkip.

What Pokemon do you use to breed Pokemon in Pokemon sapphire?


What is the best Pokemon to use for breeding in Pokemon sapphire?

ditto, like in every other game :p

Where do you get the best Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire?

The best Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire is usually known as Kyogre. Kyogre can be found in The Cave of Origin. Or once u beat the Pokemon league dnt use ur poke ball on kyogre and go to the sky piller and catch rayquazer lvl 70

How can you get in the cave of origin in Pokemon sapphire version?

use their Pokemon

What Pokemon can you use the water stone on in Pokemon sapphire?

There is only one pokemon you can use it on and that is eevee to get vaporeon

What to do with Zinc at Pokemon sapphire?

Use it on a Pokemon it will raise that Pokemon's special defense stat.

Where do you find the good rod in Pokemon sapphire?

You can use the Good Rod in Pokemon Sapphire to catch Pokemon. To get it, talk to a fisherman on Route 118.

What do you use a flute for in Pokemon sapphire?

it will awake your Pokemon in battle if its a sleep

How do you get a exploror kit in Pokemon Sapphire?

you cant get an explorer kit Pokemon Sapphire dosent use wi-fi you can get an explorers kit at Pokemon diamond, Pokemon pearl, Pokemon platinum and that's it :[]

Where do you get elixirs in Pokemon Sapphire?

There is no place to buy elixers in Pokemon Sapphire. You can, however, use your Itemfinder to search them out randomly.

What Pokemon can use gillotine or horn drill with an incredible speed in sapphire?

A Pokemon