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Q: Who is the Old man in enter sandman?
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When was Enter Sandman created?

Enter Sandman was created in 1919-10.

Theme of The Sandman?

Enter Sandman by Metallica

What is the name of sandman song?

enter the sandman by metalica

What is '' i love enter sandman '' in Japanese?

Because "enter sandman" is an English name, it stays English. "Enter sandman (entaa sandoman) ga daisuki desu." I greatly like enter sandman, literal translation. It has the same effect as "love"

What is Sandman's new music called on ECW in 2006?

Enter Sandman-Mattalica- Sandman Get it

What Metallica song says to take your hand off to never neverland?

Enter Sandman

Is there a song called Enter Sandman Long Version by Metallica?

No. By my knowledge there isn't a enter sandman that goes by that name.

What nicknames did Mark Sandman go by?

Mark Sandman went by Man of Sand, and Sandman.

How do you get enter sand man on rock band for Xbox 360?

You will have to progress through any of the instruments' story modes to unlock songs like enter sandman

Who wrote enter sandman?

Kirk Hammett, James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich of Metallica wrote all the lyrics and music for Enter Sandman.

Was enter sandman in the black album?


When was the song enter sandman made?