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shadow lugia is stronger black hole can beat almost ery pokemon.

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Q: Who is stronger lugia or shadow lugia?
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Is Lugia stronger than shadow Lugia?


Who is stronger Arceus or shadow Lugia?


How dark can you get?

DARK LUGIA?! Oh. SHADOW Lugia! You get it after finishing Pokemon: XD Gale of Darkness. Trade it to leafgreen and give it the blackglasses and import to diamond or pearl or platinum and you will have shadow lugia in platinum.or you could purify it and trade it to another game[not recommended for shadow lugia is much stronger.]

What is the code for shadow Lugia?

there is no shadow lugia

What is shadow lugia?

Shadow Lugia is a fake pokemon. You can not obtain a Shadow Lugia in any Pokemon Game (so far). Shadow Lugia is just another rumor pokemon.

How do you get shadow Lugia in soul silver?

you cant get shadow lugia

Is shadow Lugia on heatgold?

No but transfer the lushus orb from Platnim Put it on lugia and Shadow lugia!!

Where is shadow Lugia in the reverse world?

shadow lugia is not in Pokemon platinum

What are the forms of Lugia?

regular lugia and shadow lugia.

What is Shadow Lugia's HP?

atually the proper shadow lugia atually has 300HP

Where do you find shadow Lugia on soulsilver?

Shadow Lugia is only available in XD.

How do you get shadow Lugia in Pokemon platinum with pokesav?

Shadow Lugia does not exist in platinum.