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Charizard flying over fighting? Charizard will win

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Q: Who is stronger emboar Infernape or Charizard?
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What strong fire types?

the strongest fire types i think are charizard, emboar, infernape, blaziken, and typhlosion are my answer

Which Pokémon is the best in the history of Pokémon?

infernape and empoleon and torterra and emboar,seperior,samorout,charizard,blastoise,venasaur

What is the best fire starter Pokemon of all time including Black and White Ithink its Charizard then Blaziken then Emboar then Infernape and then the least is Typhlosion?

Fire starters are basically the opposite of walls.So to cover your lame defenses;you got to have high speed(or mediocre like emboar);gigantic attack or special attack(like blaziken or emboar).This is the best fire starter of all time.So from this,my grading is: Infernape,blaziken,emboar,typhlosion,charizard(sorry about charizard it's just that 4* weakness to rock is bad,even tyhplosion with only 2* weakness to rock is better,but charizard still rocks with immunity to ground.So I'm having trouble between picking typhlosion or charizard but once,I was using fire starters against bertha of the elite four,infernape took out quagsire and sudowoodo,whishcash took out infernape but was beaten by thyplosion,then I switched him with charizard who was taken out by golem,so I used thyplosion to take out golem and hippowdon.So,your choice.Now I'll end this before I keep babbling on.Google " who is the best and worst fire starter in pokemon" online and answer my question.That was before I fought bertha so I kinda dissed thyphlosion.

Who is better Infernape or Emboar?

It ultimately depends on personal preference and the team composition. Infernape is faster and has better offensive stats, making it more versatile in battles. Emboar has higher attack and bulk, making it a strong physical attacker. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, so choose based on your team's needs.

What is the greatest fire starter Pokemon through out the Pokemon games?

typhlosion is the best because of eruption sunny day solar beam and focus blast I'm a different guy and I think charizard is best then typhlosion then infernape then blaziken. emboar sucks out loud

Who is stronger ursaring or Charizard?


Is Charizard stronger than Arceus?

arceus is stronger than charizard

Who would win in a fight charazard Infernape or Snorlax?

i think charizard

What is the strongest fire type move in Pokemon?

The strongest attack is Blast Burn, but only Charizard can learn that. Overheat but it lowers the special defense of the user. Fireblast but the accuracy is 85 Flamethrower just a strong attack the power is 95 en the accuracy is 100 Actually the strongest fire type move is v-create its power is 180 third strongest move EVER! And eruption is stronger than blast burn and infernape blaziken charizard typhlosion and emboar can learn blast burn

Can you have a egg from a boy Infernape and a girl staraptor in platinum?

no it must be a ditto and a infernape P.S I've got sceptile grovile infernape empoleon lvl 100 torterra and charizard!

What Pokemon is stronger than serpirior?

Emboar beats serpirior, serpirior beats samerott, and samerott beats emboar. So I would suggest emboar or reshiram.

Is there a Pokemon stronger than infernape?

There are many Pokémon much stronger than Infernape, such as Rayquaza or Arceus.