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Technically, he doesn't have a biological sister. Fan characters don't count.

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Q: Who is shadow the hedgehog's sister?
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Does shadow have a sister or brother?

Well i don't know if shadow has a sister but I know that he has a brother and his name is Sonic.If Sonic has another brother or sister that its shadow's sister and brother. Note : That Shadow and Sonic are hedgehogs and sonic is faster

What is shadow the hedgehogs weakness?

Maria, so, yeah, love. love

What does shadow and Amy have in common?

they're hedgehogs

What is shadow the hedgehogs brothers names?

Shadow doesn't have a brother.

What are shadow the hedgehogs rings called?

inhibitor rings

Who is shadow the hedgehogs anti form?

Mephiles the dark

What is shadow the hedgehogs real name?

Considering Shadow was apart of a scientific experiment named Project: Shadow, it can be assumed that that is his name.

Why shadow and silver look like sonic?

Because they are hedgehogs.

Are shadow sonic and silver girls?

No, they are male hedgehogs.

How fast are Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehogs?

Faster than the speed of Sound!!!!

Can shadow the hedgehog swim and are sgadow and Amy related?

even know shadow and amy are both hedgehogs no ; they are not related and amy can swim but shadow can not

What is maria the hedgehogs personality?

she is a tomboy she is best friends with blaze and shadow and sonic is in love with maria