Who is mega man's brother?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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proto man

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Q: Who is mega man's brother?
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Who mega mans sister?


What color is mega mans feet?

oh mega man/s full armor is blue so his feet should be blue too

Brothers and sisters you have none but this mans father is your fathers son who are you?

his brother

What is magnet mans weakness from mega man 3?

The Shadow Blade. You don't even need to hit him that many times anyway.

What does the brother do on his date with Jean in dead mans cell phone?

Forbids her not to answer his brothers calls.

What is mans real name?

Turtle mans real name is Ernie. I'm not sure about his last name but his brother Neil's last name is James i don't think hes married! So hoped this answer helped!

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The list of the what-if Megaranger Gokaiger keys are: Mega Green Mega Purple Mega Orange Mega Crimson Mega Navy Mega White Mega Gold Mega Teal Mega Brown Mega Indigo Mega Saffron Mega Amethyst Mega Vermilion Mega Chartreuse Mega Magenta Mega Viridian Mega Burgundy Mega Powder Blue Mega Scarlet Mega Cyan Mega Azure Mega Lavender Mega Gray Mega Beige Mega Cerulean Mega Slate Mega Cobalt Mega Gunmetal Mega Copper Mega Bronze Mega Khaki Mega Citrine Mega Maroon Mega Olive Mega Peach Mega Cream Mega Sangria Mega Plum Mega Emerald Mega Cerise Mega Mauve Mega Moccasin Mega Aquamarine Mega Pearl Mega Turquoise Mega Platinum Mega Tan Mega Bittersweet Mega Periwinkle Mega Sapphire Mega Fuchsia Mega Dark Green Mega Mahogany Mega Sea Green Mega Claret Mega Lime Mega Amber Mega Ecru Mega Taupe Mega Tawny Mega Lilac Mega Ochre Mega Sepia Mega Celadon Mega Orchid Mega Ash Gray Mega Steel Blue Mega Sky Blue Mega Burnt Orange Mega Brick Red Mega Caramel Mega Marigold Mega Burnt Sienna Mega Verdigris Mega Indochine Mega Carmine Mega Linen Mega Dark Gray Mega Harlequin Green Mega Amaranth Mega Ebony Mega Ivory Mega Thistle Mega Cadet Blue Mega Brass Mega Ruby Mega Mint Mega Forest Green Mega Aubergine Mega Hazel Mega Topaz Mega Bisque Mega Spring Green Mega Rainbow etc.

What is turtle mans real name?

Turtle mans real name is Ernie. I'm not sure about his last name but his brother Neil's last name is James i don't think hes married! So hoped this answer helped!

Where is Spider-Mans location?

The fictional character Spider-Man is situated in the urban mega-city of New York, and so does a lot of other Marvel superheros

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Eddie, Josh, curtis,chicken george, will mega,brittany, karen, cassandra, jordan, jamie

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It was called 'Dead Mans Shoes' 2004.

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