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I'm pretty sure gym leader Burgh is a single gay guy.

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โˆ™ 2012-01-05 01:52:05
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Q: Who is gym leader Burgh's girlfriend?
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What gym leader?

The gym leader.

What city is gym leader flannery in?

Gym Leader Flannery is the leader of the Lavaridge Gym. The Gym is a Fire-type Gym.

How do you get the Sixth Gym Leader back to her gym?

you have to defeat the gym leader in the 5th gym or something ...

Were is the gym leader in virdian city?

It is the last gym. You should have 7 badges to battle the gym leader. The gym leader is Giovanni.

How do you get to the 8 gym leader in the gym?

go right from the seventh gym leader

Is it true that volkner is not a gym leader?

Volkner is the Gym Leader of the 8th gym.

What are the names of all the gym leaders in Platinum?

Gym leader 1. Roark (rock) Gym leader 2. Gardenia (grass) Gym leader 3. Fantina (ghost) Gym leader 4. Maylene (fight) Gym leader 5. (Crasher) Wake (water) Gym leader 6. Byron (steel) Gym leader 7. Candice (ice) Gym leader 8. Volkner (electric) I hope I helped you. =)

Can you be a gym leader in pearl?

Sure you can. In ruby, the third gym leader leaves his gym.

Where is snowpoints gym leader?

The Snowpoint City Gym Leader is in the gym, at the very back.

Who is the final gym leader in Kanto in SoulSilver?

The final gym is the Viridian City Gym. Blue is the Gym leader.

Where is the six gym leader in diamond?

The 6 gym leader in at Canalave City. the gym after the hearthome City gym!!!!!

Where is the 14th gym leader?

The 14th gym leader is the 14th gym you challenge, and there really isn't an order. However, in chronological order, the 14th gym is the gym in Saffron City, with Sabrina as the gym leader.

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