Who is dawns dad in Pokemon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dawn doesn't exactly have a dad in Diamond and Pearl, or at least they don't show or give any information abot him. He usually stays with Prof. Rowan, so he might be a possibility.

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Q: Who is dawns dad in Pokemon?
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Where is Dawn's dad in Pokemon Platinum?

He is in the same place as pearl and diamond versions(Dawns house)

Where do you find dawns little sister in Pokemon fire red?

in dawns house

What is the code to have dawn's Pokemon on Pokemon diamond with the action replay card?

the answer is to get Dawns Pokemon in Pokemon pearl the code have dawns Pokemon for every code you have to put wha you want!!! its sooooo easy!!!

Where is dawns little sister in Pokemon diamond?

Dawns little sister is in Sandgem Town. Dawns house is just below the Pokemon center and the lab. (It's the biggest house there) She'll be inside neer Dawns Grandfather.Dawn's kid sister is in Dawn's house in sandgem city ( the biggest house there).

What is dawns pokemon's?

ricolu a Pokemon you have probably never heard of as its realy rear

What Pokemon can you find using the pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon that dawns little sister tells you

Which of dawn's Pokemon evolve?

swinub into poloswine and then poloswine evolves into mamoswine . that is the Pokemon of dawns .

Where should you get an exp share in Diamond?

from a scientist that works for prof.rowan (dawns dad)

When will the girl in Dawns house tell you where the Pokemon are swarming in Pokemon Pearl?

when you obtain the national dex

Were is dawns sister?

southwest of Pokemon research lab in sandgem-platinum

What is the next swarm of Pokemon dawns little sister tell you about after beldum?


How do you get a ralts on Pokemon Diamond?

wait for dawns sister to say where it is after you beat the game