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if you get all the glowing rabbits, it will unlock for a secret star. (sigh)

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Q: Who is behind the fourth door in Mario 64 ds?
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What is behind the white door in super Mario 64 ds?

When you find ALL the glowing rabbits you get behind the door and get a star. But if you go in again you will here boos

How do you be Mario in Super Mario 64?

Walk into the mario door.

What is behind the white door on super Mario 64 DS?

if you captured all the rabbits they will give you a key to open that door and that door contains a star

How do you find all 8 stars to unlock Mario?

If you mean that door in the rec room in Super Mario 64 DS with the number 8 on it, you just need to get 8 stars and then it will open. The course with Goomboss, who holds the key to the room where Mario is locked, is behind this door.

If you have six stars on Mario 64 where do you go?

If you have 6 stars in Super Mario 64 you can go in any door on the ground floor, except for the door with the giant star on it. That door requires 8 stars, and leads to the Bowser level.

Where is waluigi's door in super Mario 64 ds?

waluigis not in the game

How do you unlock the white door in super mario 64 ds?

You will have to speak with Toad to unlock a quest in which you catch rabbits. Once you have completed this quest, you can use the white door for Super Mario 64 DS.

What console is paper Mario for?

The original Paper Mario was for Nintendo 64. Paper Mario and the Thousand Door was for Gamecube. Super Paper Mario was for Wii.

How too you open door in super Mario 64 ds?

with stars you idiot

Where is the courtyard in Super Mario 64?

Go to the door with NO stars on it. Open the door and go to the back of the room. Open the door and you have the courtyard!

How do you get to Haze Maze in super Mario 64 ds?

You will have to defeat Bowser in the Dark World...then go downstairs to where the Big Boo was...& look behind you to find a door. Inside, look for a door with a star on it & the portal there will take you to Hazy Maze!

How do you get on to the second floor on Mario 64 ds?

Defeat bowser in the star door Defeat bowser in the star door