Who is ashes father?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No one knows. But what I do know is that, I saw that many people have asked things like "Who's Ash's dad?" "Does Ash have a dad?" And I went out searching everywhere I could. I couldn't find anything. So then I thought, wait! Maybe he talks about him in one of the Pokemon episodes. So I watched the 1st episode, nothing. 2nd episode nothin- WAIT! Ok this is EXACTLY what Ash's mom said "Oh, Ash you're already in Varidian city? It took your FATHER four days to get there. He's gonna be so proud! You are the apple of his eye." Then Ash replied "Yeah, a rotten apple." Lol. There's your answer. Maybe its Giovanni? LOL?

*edited* There is a 50% percent possibility Giovanni could be Ash's father. One reason why is that that rumor was started by star wars. It was the hint that the enemy being related to the hero. And that is a 50% possibility why Giovanni couldnt be ash's father. Many people think Ash's dad is Molly's dad because people think Molly's dad dated ash's mother. But actually the thing is that they are just close friends. But to tell the truth Giovanni looks a bit like ash. One time i said " HEY LOOK ITS ASH'S DAD!" but now since im saying all of this i just realized something. If Giovanni really loved ash ( like a father should ) why would he try to take his pikachu! And also since i dont really think Giovanni loves ash why would he be proud of him. I just think the pokemon aron is either a ancestor of ash or ash was transformed to a human and he was a aron. also if you watch a deleted scene from pokemon it shows ash when he was a kid. Then besides him was a ponyta and a man. Then ash said " daddy one day ill become the best pokemon master." then ash's mother came and said " Giovanni! Get my child away from that thing. If you wanna hear what happens more then ill tell you. Ash's mother and Giovanni were arguing and ash was in his room crying. then he saw the ponyta get out from his stable. Ash quickly ran to tell his dad. Then Giovanni got really mad. He swore he would find that ponyta. Ash's mother said " we arent done talking Giovanni" he divorced her and he went on with his life. in viridian city he found a meowth and kept it. he loved that meowth soo much that the next few days it evolved. well probally because ponyta ran away he became evil and forgot about ash. well there yiu have it!

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Some think its proffesor oak and it will never be truly revealed,but I think its the pyramid frontier brain guy,can't recall the name,the one with the regis

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Q: Who is ashes father?
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