Who is Rockhopper really?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Rockhopper is an internet legend, found in random chat servers from time to time to talk to his many fans. Rockhopper is a very rare to find person, so meeting them is extremely fortunate.

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Q: Who is Rockhopper really?
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Can you really hack Rockhopper on Clubpenguin?

It seems inpossible...

Which server is rockhopper on?

No one really knows what server Rockhopper is on, because he is forever changing between them. I normally see him Adbominble.

Where really is Rockhopper in Club Penguin in 2010?

Rockhopper can be in a lot of different places one of the best places to find him is the ships hold.

How do they know it is really Rockhopper?

they dont moders hack in him so no one really knows

When does rockhopper leave CP?

i dont really know but he leaves difrent times

What do you do when you see rockhopper on the telescope?

Nothing really... you can just see how close he is to visiting.

How do you spell rockhopper?

That is the correct spelling of "rockhopper." The term can apply to a brand name of mountain bike, the Rockhopper. It is also capitalized when it refers to a species of rockhopper penguins (Northern Rockhopper, Eastern Rockhopper, Western Rockhopper).

How How do you get rockhopper background in Club Penguin?

It's really hard: first you have to meet Rockhopper (that's the hard part) then you have to open his player card, then you click the picture of a box.

How long does it take rockhopper to get to clubpenguin if hes moving slow?

Actually, Rockhopper doesn't really come from Rockhopper island. Its just an imaginative story created by club penguin. Club penguin always plans how far Rockhopper's ship is, what he will face and in the end, when he will reach, and makes stories out of them. Sorry if this answer became a spoiler for you.

In clubpenguin how do you get to rockhopper island?

Dp127 Got to Rockhopper Island and she told me how to get there! The day Rockhopper leaves stay on his ship until 9:00pm. when your in there click on Rockhopper's rare items and there should be a really small letter that says travel to Rockhopper Island. That's what I heard from Dp127. She is mostly on: status: Online Server: Blizzard/Below Zero Where: All over Club penguin

What is the taxonomy of a rockhopper penguin?

Western Rockhopper Penguin:Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:AvesOrder:SphenisciformesFamily:SpheniscidaeGenus:EudyptesSpecies:E. chrysocomeEastern Rockhopper Penguin:Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:AvesOrder:SphenisciformesFamily:SpheniscidaeGenus:EudyptesSpecies:E. filholiNorthern Rockhopper Penguin:Kingdom:AnimaliaPhylum:ChordataClass:AvesOrder:SphenisciformesFamily:SpheniscidaeGenus:EudyptesSpecies:E. moseleyi

Where is rockhopper right now on cp?

well no one really knows! hes not always on!