Who is Pokemon Trainer Red?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pokemon Trainer Red in the HG and SS DS game, is a silent young male. He doesnt say anything, even if you beat him.

The male appears to be Ash from Pallet town.

Although he doesnt say anything and goes for the 'emo' attitude, he will not only through tough Pokemon at you, but he will give you to most powerfull and difficult battle your ever get in the game.

If you beat him first time, you are a real poke-champ, or you just love Action-Replay.

Beating Red (Ash Ketchum) may appear difficult at first, once you get to a poke-centre heal your Pokemon and get out your highest level Pokemon, teach them all your best moves and give them foe inflicting items to 'hold'.

Next go to the pokemart and buy 20 max potions and 10 full restores.

Here are a list of extra things to buy-



Full Heals


Also you will need around 50 revives if you have Pokemon under LV 60.

Try beat Pikachu with some ground moves like 'EARTHQUAKE' which all of the starter Pokemon can learn on their last evolution.

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Q: Who is Pokemon Trainer Red?
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Where to find Pokemon trainer red affter you win him in Pokemon cristal?

Pokemon Trainer Red has a life and doesn't play Pokemon crystal.

Which trainer has a Venusaur in Pokemon fire red?

no trainer

How do you beat Pokemon trainer red?

Trade in good pokemon.

Who is the strongest Pokemon trainer in Pokemon fire red?

Your Rival

How do you defeat trainer red?

You get good Pokemon

Can you battle trainer ash in Pokemon HeartGold?

no but trainer red is basically ash

What trainer has typhlosion in Pokemon Platinum?

No trainer has that Pokemon in that game. But you can migrate it from Fire Red and Leaf Green I think.

What does Pokemon trainer red look like in heartgold?

Pokemon Trainer Red wears red (obviously). He is found at the peak of Mt. Silver. He is the only one there, so you can't miss him.

What Pokemon did the trainer that helped you learn to catch a Pokemon catch in Pokemon Red?

A Weedle.

Who is Red in the johto region in pallet town?

Pokemon Trainer Red is the strongest trainer in the game, with Pokemon in the levels 80-88. Red is also known as Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town.

Where can you find red in Pokemon pearl?

Trainer Red is not in D/P/Pt.

How do you beat trainer red?

use high level Pokemon