Who invented bejeweled?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: Who invented bejeweled?
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When did Bejeweled happen?

Bejeweled happened in 2001.

How can one learn to play Bejeweled?

You can learn how to play Bejeweled from using Bejeweled's own in-game tutorial.

Will there be a Bejeweled 3?

Yes! Bejeweled 3 was released on December 7, 2010. Bejeweled 3 did not come immediately after Bejeweled 2 (released in 2004). There was Bejeweled Twist, released in 2008, which involves spinning a circle of four gems clockwise to make matches, before Bejeweled 3 was released.

When did Bejeweled Blitz happen?

Bejeweled Blitz happened in 2010.

When was Bejeweled created?

Bejeweled was created on 2001-05-30.

When did Bejeweled Twist happen?

Bejeweled Twist happened in 2008.

What was Bejeweled 2 produced for?

Bejeweled 2 is a web-based tile matching puzzle video game and was produced as a sequel to Bejeweled. It was published by PopCap Games. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe was released in 2004.

How do you beat bejeweled blitz?

to beat bejeweled blitz you just have to be very fast

Why bejeweled blitz not working?

My bejeweled blitz game on facebook has stopped working. Why?

When was Bejeweled Blitz created?

Bejeweled Blitz was created on 2010-04-05.

When was Bejeweled Twist created?

Bejeweled Twist was created on 2008-10-27.

How many ranks are there in Bejeweled 3?

It seems that the rank level names of Bejeweled 3 are identical to the ones of Bejeweled Blitz so 131 ranks