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Q: Who had a fight with Biff in the Loman family basement?
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Who is Biff Loman?

Biff Loman is the son of Willy Loman in the play "Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller .

Who is Biff in Death of a Salesman?

Biff is the son of Willy Loman, the salesman.

Which of the best describes biff loman?

An itinerant laborer

Best describes Biff Loman?

An itinerant laborer

What is the name of willy loman's eldest son in 'Death of a Salesman'?


What is the name of willy loman's eldest son in 'Death of a Salesman?


What is the name of willy lomans eldest son in the ''Death of a Salesman''?

Biff Loman

Which of the following best describes Biff Loman?

An itinerant laborer

Could biff be a protagonist in Death of a Salesman?

I think biff loman is the true protagonist of death of a salesman,because the character of biff developed,he was aware of his faults,he wanted to change his manner and his way,he try to save his family. He undrestood that stealing is not the correct way ,He was growing and became a man by realizing his faults and awaring of his fathers and his family`s lies.

Who removed the rubber pipe from the basement?

its biff

What do debt lies and theft have to do with the downfall of Willy Loman?

it is to do with willy having an affair and biff flunking math and willy, biff and happy not being successful in business or in life

What is Death Of a Salesman about?

Its is about Willy Loman(a salesman of about sixty) who worked and traveled all his life and has an unsuccessful son named Biff. Biff unlike Happy, the Loman's other son , moved out west to go work on a farm instead of working as a humble salesman. Willy halucinates , has flashbacks, and talks to himself to figure out where he went wrong in raising Biff. The play takes place in Brooklyn , New York and Willy is married to Linda Loman. I would include other details but i don't want to be a spoiler.