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It belongs to Bebe who is in hearthome city

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Q: Who does someone's PC belong to in Pokemon platinum?
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How do you get all Pokemon in the PC on platinum?

You go to the poke mon center and turn the PC on and put in someones PC and then click deposit Pokemon and you put your Pokemon in there.

Where do you store Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum?

In the blue computer in the poke center in any town its called someones PC then later called bebes PC. Hope this helps :)

How do you download pookemon platinum to your PC?

Its simple capture more than six Pokemon and when you wish to switch out Pokemon walk up yo the PC hit the A click Beebe's PC or someones PC click withdraw or deposit or move Pokemon .

How do you duplicate master balls in platinum?

go to the Pokemon center (sunyshore city) go on the PC and click someones PC while pressing L and R button.

How do you bank Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

go to the Pokemon center and you will see a PC go over to it and press "a" then click bills PC or someones PC then click depsit Pokemon.

Where to get Pokemon platinum on PC?

check eBay

How do you get Pokemon platinum for PC?

It's a DS game not a PC game.

Where to play Pokemon platinum on PC?

go to

How do you download Pokemon Platinum version on PC?

Download NO$GBA & a Pokémon Platinum ROM.

Where iis your Pokemon GO after catch from pal park in Pokemon platinum?

In your PC

How do you get your Pokemon from bebes PC in Pokemon Platinum?

Do the same thing you did with someone's pc! Just put move pokemon or deposit your pokemon! :) Hoped this helped!!

How do you release Pokémon in Pokémon platnium?

Pokemon center --> PC --> someones PC --> move pkmn --> select the Pokemon you want to release --> choose release