Who does Pikachu evolve from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Pichu, which evolves to Pikachu through a happiness evolution.

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Q: Who does Pikachu evolve from?
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What Pokemon evolve from thunderstones?

pikachu can evolve into raichu.eevee can evolve into jolteon.

What level does Pikachu evolve in mystery dungeon?

Pikachu doesn't evolve by level, you have to evolve him with a thunderstone.

What level does Pikachu evolve in pokemon?

Pikachu do not evolve by level. They evolve when a thunderstone is used on them.

Is Pikachu ever going to evolve into Raichu?

Pikachu will evolve into Raichu when given a thunder stone. If you mean Ash's Pikachu, then it very unlikely he will evolve his Pikachu, as Pikachu is the Pokemon Franchise's mascot.

In Pokemon yellow how to make Pikachu evolve and still stay out of the pokeball?

you can't evolve pikachu in the game but if you trade a pikachu from red or blue you can evolve it with a thunder stone but if you try to evolve the pikachu you get at the begging of yellow it just upsets pikachu

Does Pichu evolve?

Yes. When Pikachu has enough happiness, level it up then it should evolve. Then you can evolve Pikachu by using the Thunderstone to evolve Pikachu too Rachui. Remember: Rachui CAN NOT EVOLVE.

Who does Pikachu evolve into in Pokemon?

Pikachu evolves into Raichu. To evolve it, you have to use a Thunderstone on it.

Does Pikachu evolve in hey you Pikachu?

No, sorry

Where do you get riachu in Pokemon soulsilver?

You can get a Raichu when you evolve Pikachu. You have to expose Pikachu to a Thunderstone to evolve it.

What level does Pikachu evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Pikachu does not evolve through level-up -- instead, you can use a Thunderstone for it to evolve.

What level does Pikachu evolve on Pokemon Yellow?

There is No Specific Level Pikachu Needs a Thunderstone to evolve

When does pikchu evolve?

It is impossible for pikachu to evolve by leveling. the only way you can get to evolve it is use a thunderstone. pikachu is my favourite pokemon so i wouldnt evolve it :)