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Blaze the cat

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Q: Who does Belle Hudson voice as in Sega?
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Who was the voice of Belle in Beauty and the Beast?

The voice of Belle in the movie Beauty and the Beast was performed by Paige O'Hara.

What does belle voie mean?

a beautiful voice - une belle voix

Why did Sega replace Jason Griffith as the voice of Sonic?

SEGA decided that it was time for a change, the change may have also occurred do to the bad fan reception from Griffith's time as voice actor.

What is the midway between Belle view FL and Hudson FL?

The distance between Belleview and Hudson is about 80 miles. Croom, FL is about 40 miles from Hudson.


Jennifer Hudson

What are the release dates for Hudson's Bay - 1959 Voice in the Wilderness 1-3?

Hudson's Bay - 1959 Voice in the Wilderness 1-3 was released on: USA: 1959

Will Jason Griffith and his gang ever come back to Sega?

Sega has moved onto a different voice cast for the Sonic games. There is no talk of bringing Griffith & Co back to the games

Paige o'hara was the voice of which Disney character?

Belle in Beauty and the Beast.

How do you say she has a beautiful voice in French?

elle a une belle voix

Is doc Hudson going to be in cars 2?

No. Doc Hudson was written out of Cars 2 in respect of his voice actor, Paul Newman, who died in 2008.

Who does the voice of Tikal in sonic X?

English Voice Actors: Bella Hudson, and Elara Distler Japanese Voice Actor: Kaori Asoh

Who is voice is the beast in beauty in the beast?

The name of the voice actress of Belle in the ''Beauty and the Beast'' is Paige O'hara after answering an add in the New-York Times. Belle is now voiced by American actress Julie Nathanson since 2011.