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Owen Hart

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Q: Who did Jim The Anvil Neidhart team up with to form The New Foundation?
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What is the name of the tag-team that has Bret The Hitman Hart and Jim The Anvil and Neidhart?

the Hart Foundation.

Who was Brett heart tag team partner?

jim neidhart

Is natalya really Bret harts niece?

yes, Natalya is the daughter of former wrestler and tag team partner of Bret "The Hitman" Hart, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. Jim "The Anvil" is married to Ellie Hart, daughter of Stu Hart. Stu Hart is Bret Hart's father. Thus making Natalya, Bret's neice-in-law. Jan. 2010 It doesn't make her his neice in law! IT makes her his neice by blood because of his sister! For Nattie to be his neice-in-law that would mean she would have been married to his nephew. by Johncena111

What is Army Foundation College's motto?

Army Foundation College's motto is 'Trust, Courage, Team Spirit'.

Has the great khali leave the WWE?

No, The Great Khali hasn't left the WWE, he's currently in a storyline where he's dating Natayla Neidhart and tag team partners with Hornswoggle.

Where is the Patriots Jet Team Foundation in Byron California located?

The address of the Patriots Jet Team Foundation is: Po Box 640, Byron, CA 94514-0640

Which company manufactures the Team Foundation Server?

Team Foundation Server is a Microsoft product. It is used in conjunction with other Microsoft programs. It can be used for data collecting, source control and project tracking.

Which office applications can access team foundation server 2010?


What team does Sabrina ladha play for?

She is a child from the Make A Wish foundation. She doesn't play for a team in real life.

What are your opinions on who is the best tag team in the world?

The Hart Foundation. Just an opinion.

What office applications can you access team foundation server 2010?

excel..?? not sure

Who is related to Bret the Hit Man Hart?

Currently there are 2 people in the WWE who are related to Bret Hart. The first one is Harry Smith (better known as DH Smith) who is his nephew (younger sister Diana Hart's son). The second is his Nattie Neidhart (better known as Natalya) who is his niece (elder sister Ellie Hart's and former tag team partner Jim Neidhart's daughter).