Who created missingno?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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me by hacking gamefreak before they released it if anybody has a problem beat me on wfc msg me for code

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Q: Who created missingno?
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When was MissingNo. created?

MissingNo. was created in 1996.

Why was missingno made?

MissingNO was not purposely created. It is a glitch in the game where the game selects data from the buffer that is not a Pokemon, resulting in MissingNo.

What is the difference between MissingNO and M?

Missingno won't screw up your game, but M' will. And they are both differently created depending on your name.

Can you trade Missingno?

No, you can not trade Missingno.

What is a Missingno?

missingno is a glitched baby kangaskan

How do you correctly spell and capitalize 'MissingNO'?

in the games, it says 'MISSINGNO.' but you can just say 'missingno' or 'missingno.' I would probably write it as 'MissingNo.' because it stands for Missing Number. btw missingno is not to be confused with 'M. For any more information, goto glitch city labs.

Where to find missingno?

Missingno is a glitch in the Pokemon games made infamous from its appearance in Pokemon Red and Blue. Missingno is created when the game is glitched into creating a Pokemon from old scrapped data on the cartridge. This is very rare to do though and normally impossible to do during a normal playthrough of the game.

Missingno in diamond code?

There is no code for Missingno. You get it via glitch.

In diamond what is the action replay code for getting Missingno in diamond?

There is no cheat code for finding missingno because missingno is a glitch, not a cheat.

How do you find Missingno in the Pokefarm Glitch City quest?

You do not find missingno in glitch city on pokefarm. you get missingno in the saftey matters quest.

Can you get missingno on diamond and pearl?

No, missingno cannot be caught in D/P.

What does MissingNo stand for in Pokemon?

MissingNo stands for Missing Number in Pokemon.