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1st. Play station

2nd. Xbox

3rd. Nintendo

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Q: Who controls the video game industry?
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When was Bruce Davis - video game industry - born?

Bruce Davis - video game industry - was born in 1952.

The is an industry group that tracks computer and video game use?

The Entertainment Software Association is an industry group that tracks computer and video game use.

How do you play my life the video game?

press up the controls

What are some video game statistics?

There is a new industry statistics directory called - - that has a few hundred very interesting statistics on video games and the video game industry. Video Game Industry Statistics Online Gaming Industry Statistics

What does a monopoly do ?

A monopoly controls an industry

Is video game and ONLINE game the same?

Of course,the only difference is the controls,and if there are more differences,they depend on the game :)

How old is the video game industry?

Goes back to 1948.

How many people work in the video game industry?


How did the video game industry begin?

the first video game(pong) was invented and incredibly successful so people wanted to sponsor it so they made a gaming industry and that's how it spread on

Who is Lauren Elliott?

Lauren Elliott is a popular game designer in the video game industry.

Did the video game industry generate more money than the film industry last year?


Who is considered father of the video game industry?

Probably Bill Gates.