Who came first scourge or manic?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Scourge he was known as evil sonic before he named himself scourge but all in all he was first

Technically, Manic was introduced first if you are talking about Sonic's brother from Sonic Underground.

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Q: Who came first scourge or manic?
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Did Scourge killed Manic the Hedgehog?

No Scourge didn't, in comic it says Scourge killed Manic, but Scourge didn't.

Are scourge and manic the hedgehog the same person?

No Scourge and Manic are two COMPLETELY different people.

How Manic The Hedgehog died?

It was in an issue of one of the comics where Scourge kills Manic.

Who came first shadow or scourge?

Surprisingly Scourge came first, originally known as Evil-Sonic or Anti-Sonic, Scourge first appeared in the Sonic The Hedgehog Archie Comic series issue #11 in 1994, whilst Shadow's first appearance was in Sonic Adventure 2, 2001

Who is the green guy from Sonic that's not Scourge?

He is Manic, Sonic's brother in "Sonic underground."

What issue did manic the hedgehog die in?

I'm not sure but it was in the tournement when scourge killed manic hope this helps I couldn't remember exactly what issue it was though

Is scourge sonic's brother?

Yes, Scourge is Sonic the Hedgehog's evil counterpart from a parallel universe called Moebius. In some storylines, they may be depicted as brothers, but it depends on the specific Sonic continuity being referenced.

What are the Sonic Comics that Feature Scourge?

Scourge first appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics was #160 is when he first transformed into Scourge.

How many brothers sonic have?

7 brothers and 1 sister brothers: shadow , silver , blue ,blade , scourge , manic sisters : sonia

Who was born first sonic or manic or sonia?

manic then sonic then sonia

What are all sonic boys names?

Sonic,manic,vector,knuckles,Espio,Antoine,scourge,shadow,eggman,mephiles,snively,rotor, Tails,and more probably,

When is cats of the clans and the rise of scourge in the warriors sires coming out?

They already came out...