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Its only Lex the bookworm.

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Q: Who are the characters in Bookworm Adventures?
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When did Bookworm Adventures happen?

Bookworm Adventures was created on 2006-11-28.

Are bookworm adventures and bookworm adventures deluxe the same game?

actually they are almost the same game, but it is a little different because , the bookworm adventures is not downloaded and the bookworm adventure deluxe is downloaded .

Will there be a bookworm adventures 3?

Im not sure But I hope so Because its 2011 AND I REALLY WANT BOOKWORM ADVENTURES 3 BADLY

Where can you play bookworm adventures online?


How many enemies are their in bookworm adventures?

I think there is 150

What is the order number for bookworm adventures deluxe?

There doesn't appear to be an order number for the game, Bookworm adventures deluxe. If you are looking for the serial number, this is contained with the game when purchased.

In bookworm adventures what does tasty breakfast do?

Practically nothing,it seems

What is the registration code to bookworm adventures deluxe?

You will receive a registration code for bookworm adventures deluxe when you purchase the game. PopCap games will send you an e-mail receipt after your purchase so that you can register the game again if you need to.

In bookworm adventures what is the password for the extreme level?

If you're talking about the online version - it's ULTRAEXTREMEFEVER.

What is the first game to combine puzzle and RPG genres?

Bookworm Adventures, made by popcap in 2006. Exlucivly for the PC.

What is the plot of the video game 'Bookworm Adventures'?

The player guides Lex the Bookworm through a number of stages battling creatures along the way. With the use of words Lex and the creatures battle to deplete the health of the other.

How do you defeat codex in bookworm adventures?

actually to defeat codex, you need to spell words as long as you can , and have a good weapon . you also can use one of the potions that you have .