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Almost any Mario characters, all the collie yoshis, some more guys

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Q: Who are the characters for Mario super star baseball?
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Is luigi going to be in super Mario galaxy 2?

The Characters starred in Super Mario Galaxy 2, are the same in Super Mario: Mario Luigi, Peach, Toad, and the other character that will star in the game, Yoshi.

What does the Star Mushroom do on Super Mario Galaxy 2?

There is no star mushroom in Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Does super Mario all-star preowned has super Mario world?


What is the star from Mario called?

The star from super Mario galaxy is called a luma.

How do you unlock red star super mario galaxy 2?

You can't get the red star in super mario galaxy 2

Is there any new characters in super Mario bros wii when all-star coins are collected?

No, but if you get all the Star Coins in a world, you unlock a level in world 9.

What is the shape of the star-bit in super Mario galaxy?

The same as on Super Mario Galaxy 1.

What is the Super Mario Brothers star called?

Star Man

What is the star's name on Mario Kart Wii beside Rosalina?

The "star" that floats next to Rosalina is called a 'Luma' the Lumas are from Super Mario Galaxy. And Super Mario Galaxy

What is the maximum number of stars a star gauge can hold in Mario Super Sluggers?

The star gauge on Mario Super Sluggers can hold a maximum of 5 stars.

What happed to geno in super Mario rpg?

At the end of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Geno turned back into a star and ascended to the Star Road.

Can you play Super Mario 64 the missing stars?

how to download and play super mario 64 the missing star rom