Who are the chaos lords in aqw?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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2.Xing & Xang (Ying & Yang)-(Can't fight yet...)

3.Vath and his pet Stalagbite



6.Discordia (Fake-controled by Kimberly)/Kimberly (Real 6th Chaos lord)



9.Krellenos/Khasaanda (replaced-she stoled Krellenos power to cured him,but in chaos chaorruption she didn't control her self and killed Krellenos)

10.Iadoa-(appered in New Year event)

11.Archlord Maximillian Lionfang-(appered in 2nd AQWorlds birthday-2010)

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Q: Who are the chaos lords in aqw?
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Aqw how to get the plunger?

I heard u have to beat all chaos lords to get the plunger because its SO POWERFUL.but u have to wait to get it because all the chaos lords havent been released

Who are the first 3 lords of chaos in AQW?

(first seen are the twins) 1 echarior 2 vath 3 kitsume

Where is drakath in aqw?

hes propaply showing himself after 12 other chaos lords have been defeatedthey probably wont make him yet until the last chaos lord.

How do you play aqw?

In AQW, you quest to defeat the 13 Lords of Chaos, armed with a possible amount of nearly 50 classes, and weapons. The primary concept is defeating monsters in order to complete each zone's storyline.

How many chaos lords are there?

there are 3 of the chaos lords in all

Who is vath in AQW?

first type in this /join stalagbite and hit enter then go up the rocks and there you r stalagbite and vath

When was Lords of Chaos - book - created?

Lords of Chaos - book - was created in 1998.

Who is the 8th-13th chaos lords in aqworlds?

Those are either yet to be decided by the AQW staff or have not yet been revealed to the players. Either way, you will have to wait and see.

Where do you use the shard of chaos in AQW?

Chaos merge shop.

How do you beat aqw?

As of yet, there are not definite ways to beat AQW. There are weekly updates, on the verge of defeating the 13 Chaos Lords (That's the story-line concept), but they haven't all been released yet. I believe either 6 or 7 have, as of now.

When did Lords of Chaos - video game - happen?

Lords of Chaos - video game - happened in 1991.

When was Lords of Chaos - video game - created?

Lords of Chaos - video game - was created in 1990-04.