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  • Yusei Fudo: Tail Birthmark (later receives the Dragon Head Birthmark from Rex Goodwin.)
  • Jack Atlas: Wing Birthmark
  • Akiza Izinski: Claw Birthmark
  • Luna: Claw Birthmark
  • Leo:Heart mark
  • Rex Goodwin (was part of the original five. Was abandoned by the Crimson Dragon who transfers his Mark to Yusei.)
  • Crow Hogan: Tail Birthmark (receives Yusei's Mark after Rex is defeated in the Duel. Becomes the Fifth Signer.) more like the 6 signers there 6
  • will don't cont goodwin but there 6 signer Leo is the 6th signer 5d episode 142
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Q: Who are the 5 signers in yu-gi-oh 5d's?
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