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Cleante is Orgons brother in law

Tartuffe is the imposter that Orgon brought into his home

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Q: Who are cleante and tartuffe in tartuffe play by Moliere?
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What is the spine of Tartuffe by Moliere?

The family tries to make Orgon see Tartuffe's hypocrisy.

Who is the mian character in the play Tartuffe?

well, all of the characters can more or less be grouped as "antagonist" (tartuffe, orgon, pernelle) or "protagonist (cleante, DORINE, elmire, damis, mariane+valere, etc). I capitalized Dorine because she is the most outspoken and direct of the protagonists, followed also by cleante, but she was Mariane's voice against orgons plan to marry her to tartuffe, she kept peace between the other characters, and she made a legitimate counter-tartuffe strategy.

What is the name of the french dramatist author of Tartuffe?

Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, known by his stage name Moliere is the author of Tartuffe. Tartuffe ou L'Imposteur was first published on the 12th May 1664.

Who is tartuffes accomplice who secretly tell Organ Tartuffes story in tartuffe by Moliere?

Elmire, Orgon's wife

Is the Moliere's play Tartuffe a farce?

Tartuffe is the text book definition of farce. "A style of humor marked by broad improbabilities with little regard to regularity or method; compare sarcasm; A motion picture or play featuring this style of humor; A situation abounding with ludicrous incidents; A ridiculous or empty show."

What is comic premise?

It is an idea or concept that, in comedy, that turns an accepted notion upside down. For example, in Moliere's famous play "Tartuffe", the social hierarchy is inverted: the servant (Dorine) is smarter than her owner (Orgon).

How are Moliere's tartuffe and Jonathan Swift's a modest proposal representative of the enlightenment?

They both deal with the ability to>Reason..which is another name for the enlightenment period

Who are the characters of the novel tartuffe?

Tartuffe, written by playwright Moliere is a French Farce comedy Tartuffe - Orgon's houseguest, a hypocrite Madame Pernelle - Orgon's mother Orgon - head of the house, husband to Elmire Elmire - Orgon's wife, subject of Tartuffe's lust Dorine - Orgon's housemaid, confidente to Mariane Cleante - Elemire's brother, Orgon's brother-in-law Mariane - Orgon's daughter, in love with Valere Damis - Orgon's son Valere - in love with Mariane Laurent - Tartuffe's servant (either unseen, or present but non-speaking) Argas - friend of Orgon, gives Orgon documents that Tartuffe steals to use against him (not seen, only spoken of) Flipote - servant of Madame Pernelle (non-speaking) Monsieur Loyal - a bailiff A King's Officer

Ou joue la troupe de moliere?

Or play the troop of Moliere

In the play Tartuffe where does Orgon hide to spy on Tartuffe and Elmire?

under the table

What has the author Pol Gaillard written?

Pol Gaillard has written: 'Analyse logique et grammaticale' 'La Peste (de) Camus' 'Tartuffe-Profil-Hatier' 'MOLIERE' 'L' Espoir' 'La peste' 'Candide'

What actors and actresses appeared in Le tartuffe - 1984?

The cast of Le tartuffe - 1984 includes: Yveline Ailhaud as Dorine Paule Annen as Madame Pernelle Paul Bru as Un exempts Elisabeth Depardieu as Elmire Dominique Ducos as Flipote Noureddine El Ati as Laurent Bernard Freyd as Cleante Marie Paquim as Claire Jean Schmitt as Monsieur Loyal