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Q: Who agrees that Jessie from Team Rocket is hot?
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How do you join team rocket?

Ok first you need to know someone who is involed in Team Rocket and you need to ask them for the password once you have the password go to the location given on the map your recomender has given you go to the main desk and tell them your password they will enter you in there high tech computers...You will then be given a card with your ID on it and a new name in which you will use from there on then you then sign a contract giving your life over to Team Rocket (letterly signing your soul) once all this is coomplete you get free uniforms and accsessories and you get accsess to manny things like a hot tub and stuff...... unless your a Pokemon then you have no chose but to join or die and then somewhat same process exceptt were mistreted... well your welcome and enjoy life of crime from your Pikachu Justin red p.s you might want to rethink joining...

What to do after gym 4 Pokemon fire red version?

After beating Erika in Celadon City, you can do many things. By getting Hot Tea from an old lady in a building in Celadon, you can access Saffron city through the gate. Also, you can talk to the Rocket Grunt in the Game Corner and go into the Rocket's Hideout and defeat Giovanni to get the Silph Scope. Then, if you have not already, you can climb the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town and defeat Team Rocket to "rescue" Mr. Fuji and get the Poke Flute. The last thing you can do is head south from either Celadon or Lavender to Fuchsia and challenge Koga for the fifth badge. Please keep in mind that ALL of this is required at one point or another.

How do you find all of the healing team sprites in harvest moon?

Purple Recovery Team:Violetto (Purple Team Leader): Use Hot Springs by the Circus grounds 200times and 200 hours. (You cannot hop in and out of the Spa without spendingan hour there each time.)Spirity (Purple Team): Purchase 1 drink at the Blue Bar.Souly (Purple Team): Purchase 50 drinks at the Blue Bar.Anime (Purple Team): Eat 30 pieces of any type/s of Wild Grass.Powery (Purple Team): Eat 80 pieces of any type/s of Wild Grass.Koto (Purple Team): Eat 150 pieces of any type/s of Wild Grass.Carey (Purple Team): Use the Hot Springs by the Goddess Pond 200 times for200 hours. (Again, you cannot hop in and out of the Spa without spending 1hour each time!)Sacci (Purple Team): Use the Hot Springs by the Goddess Pond 500 times for500 hours. (You must spend 1 hour at least each time you enter.)Nette (Purple Team): When hired, ask Recovery team to restore your Stamina100 times.Whitney (Purple Team): When hired, ask Recovery Team to restore your Stamina250 times.Juna (Purple Team): When hired, ask Recovery Team to restore your Stamina 750times.Sante (Purple Team): When hired, ask Recovery Team to restore your Stamina1000 times.

Food or drink that starts with the word hot?

* hot pretzel * hot peppers * hot chocolate * hot totti (a drink containing alcohol) * hot tea * hotdog * hot sauce * hot cakes * hot ham and cheese sandwich * hot cereal * hot chips * hot cheetos * hot apple cider * hot roast beef sandwich * hot turkey sandwich * hot artichoke dip * hot bean and cheese dip * hot mustard * hot tamale * hot buttered rum

What food begins with word hot?

* Hot dog * Hot tamale * Hot peppers * Hot coffee * Hot chocolate * Hot Tea * Hot cross Bun

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When was Hot Little Rocket created?

Hot Little Rocket was created in 1998.

When did Hot Little Rocket end?

Hot Little Rocket ended in 2009.

What is a device that is driven forward by a powerful stream of hot gas?

A Rocket

What is Jessie js favorite?

jessie js first word was jam hot

Does the action force in a rocket engine act on the hot gases or on the rocket?

Both. The rocket is forced in one direction and the hot gasses are forced in the opposite direction.

How do you get laparas in FireRed leaf greeen?

to get laparas you have to go to the city in middle of map (saffron) that team rocket took over. the way to do this is to give the guard hot tea from the old lady. once you battle your rival in the silph building talk to the man who was next to your rival. he will give you a laparas because you are not with team rocket.

Do you think Justin is hot?

no Chardestar agrees! and so should all of humankind

What is the red hot cheer?

Our team is red hot Our team is red hot R-E-D H-O-T Red hot red hot red hot Yeah!

What is the action reaction force of a rocket?

Rockets have an exhaust of hot gas, moving rapidly away from the rocket, which is the action, and the reaction is that the rocket is propelled forward.

IS Tracey Gold and Jessie Gold sisters?

yes, and I have had a threesome with them, hot sisters.

Did Jessie J go to grangfield?

yes she did shes amazing and hot isent she.

How do you use explode in sentence?

The rocket was so hot it exploded!