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The error can be something that you do not have of a flash drive or it is not available at that time if it does not work then i do not have any clue

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Q: While downloading free realms it says that there is an error. How to fix that problem?
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This is what iTunes error 8012 says: "Error 8012 - There was a problem downloading the artwork for (iTunes item)." Click on the link below to go directly to the Apple iTunes support page:

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I ran into this same problem and contacted Free Realms, their reply was to tell me that the G10 error indicated a failed profile and that I'd have to delete the first profile and create a new profile on the account. That may work for someone out there and as it's the answer they gave I thought I'd post it.However, I resolved the problem in a differently than that. I only encountered the G10 error when attempting to use a second PC than the one I initially installed it to. Free Realms installs its base files (which include your profile) once and then references some aspect of the profile every time you try to log-in to a server. So if you switch to a different PC than where you first installed Free Realms you'll get the G10 error if you try to login as an existing account holder. To fix the problem, I copied the Free Realms folder from the first PC where I'd installed it to the second one. I also copied a and folders to their respective spots in the Macromedia Flash folder. I was then able to log-in to the server just fine on the second PC.

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This error is unknown to Xbox support website. The error similar to that is a marketplace error, downloading files and other things within the marketplace.

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hi plz use rapidshare links they are error free. sometimes while downloading ,using proxy ...error comes _____________________________________________ hey you can use VLC Media Player it pretty much picks up on any format

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