Which would best reveal character

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ideas related to a philosophical theme

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Details About A Persons Appearance-APEX 8/21/20

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Q: Which would best reveal character
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Which gives the best example of how setting can reveal character?


What did Romeo's reaction to banishment reveal about his character?

He never did revel his banishishment! WHY WOULD HE

What can't reveal characterization?

Other people in a story can't reveal characterization. Only the character in the story, or the narrator can reveal character.

What does antigone and ismene argument reveal about the personality of each character?

what does thier argument reveal about the personality of each character

Does sports reveal character?

It depens on who you are.

What does the description of Ruth in this excerpt best reveal about her as a character?

It reveals that Ruth puts the needs of others before her own needs

Sometimes what is the best way to reveal plot points in a story?

In the best stories, plot grows organically out of character, rather than being imposed from above.

Rembrandt was able to reveal the character of his portrait subjects by using?

Rembrandt was able to reveal the character of his portrait subjects by using classical arts and chiaroscuro.

What presents details that reveal a subject's memorable character traits?

character sketch

What the character does?

The character's actions, behaviors, and decisions that drive the plot forward and reveal their personality and motivations.

What can dialog reveal?

Dialogue reveals information. It also reveals a character's thoughts, feelings, and way of speaking. It can reveal a character's educational level, their background, and their desires.

How can the setting help reveal information about a character?

By showing how a character reacts to or interacts with his or her surroundings