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Which word is related to nose as chew is to teeth?


What word is related nose?


What is a simple sentence for the word appalling?

"The skunk smell was appalling to her sensitive nose."

What does the word aroma imply?

The word aroma implies a pleasant or distinctive smell or scent. It evokes sensations related to the sense of smell that can be appealing or enticing.

Is smelled a real word?

Yes, "smelled" is a real word. It is the past tense and past participle of the verb "smell," which means to perceive with the nose.

What are the answers for the word ladder chew on this?

This is a copyrighted vocabulary builder on an educational website. (see related link)

What is the french word for chew?


What is the African Luhya word for the English word chew?

The African Luhya word for the English word chew is Okhunyanya.

What is the root word of chewable?

The root word of "chewable" is "chew," which means to crush or grind food with the teeth.

How would you make a sentence using the word of nose as an adjective?

The dog's keen sense of smell led him straight to the hidden treat.

Why is a nose called a nose when the nose knows nothing?

The term "nose" originates from the Old English word "nosu," and its usage has evolved over time to refer to the protuberance on the face that we use for breathing and smelling. The phrase "the nose knows" is just a playful way of highlighting the importance and sensitivity of this particular facial feature.

Does the human race smell?

Humans do smell in a number of senses of the word. We have the ability to detect thousands of smells with our nose. We also ourselves give off various aromas. People can identify each other by smell. Blind people are particularly good at this as their sense of smell is more relied upon.