Which trainer has burmy in diamond?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In eternia forest there are 3 or more double team battles. one of those three has a burmy in it (the last one im led to believe)

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Q: Which trainer has burmy in diamond?
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Is there a trainer that has burmy in diamond?


What trainer has a burmy in Pokemon Diamond?

You have to go left out of Hearthome city and there is a trainer with one

Where can you find a trainer with burmy in diamond?

The trainers would usually be bug trainers

Which trainer in Pokemon Diamond has burmy?

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl U Can find a trainer that has burmy in eterna forest right at the end, Theres a phsychic duo then go down then left and ther is 2 bu trainers and one has a burmy, No Need To Thank! From Jesse :D

Where on diamond is there a trainer with a wormadem?

There's a trainer on route 214 that has a Wormadam, so good luck finding it! You can also get a Burmy by using a honey tree and then evolve it.

Where to find a trainer that carrys a burmy with them in Pokemon diamond?

if you battle every trainer you find then you will find a burmy to battle or you can but honey on a gold tree and come back 8 to 10 hours but you mit not find the Pokemon you what but they are rare if your lucky the most rarest Pokemon on trees with are munchlax keep on trying then you will find a burmy

Does a trainer have a Burmy in Pokemon Diamond?

yes check in the route going down from hearthome city check the trainer next to the small pond close to the top of the route

Where do you see Pokemon 46 diamond?

You should find a trainer that carries a Wormadan. If not, obtain a FEMALE burmy and it will evolve at level 20.

How do you get burmy's evolution on the pokedex?

you've got to either battle wormadam at route 214 or catch burmy at a honey tree and evolve it. for mothim, a trainer at 2f on lost tower will battle you with it, or evolve it from burmy. male burmy=mothim female burmy=wormadam please note this is for platinum only. the honey tree trick will work in diamond, though! :)

Where is Burmy in Pokemon diamond?

Burmy can be found on honey trees.

At what level does a Burmy evolve in Diamond?

Burmy evolves at level 20.

Where do you catch burmy in diamond?

you can catch burmy from slathering honey on a tree.