Which style of port is the PS2?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mini-DIN 6

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Q: Which style of port is the PS2?
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What style of ps2 port do you use if you want to plug a keyboard in?

There is only one "style" of PS/2 port. All PS/2 ports are physically identical.

What does a PS2 port connect to?

A ps2 port connects to nothing the ps2 adapter goes in the ps2 port. jayden claeys 13 years old

What is the purpose of a PS2 port on a computer?

I don't think your computer has a PS2 port or that you PS2 has ports that do not have proper names Like USB Port or Ethernet Port

Which port can the keyboard be connected to?

A keyboard can be connected to PS2 port or a USB port

What is an another name for the PS'2 port?

PS2 port

Is it true that a PS2 port is also sometimes called a camera port?


Where on computer do you hook up mouse?

That depends on whether the mose has a USB or PS2 connection on it. If it has a USB connection the connector and port for it are as displayed here: If it has a ps2 connection the connector and port are displayed here: If it is this type then you would plug it into the green ps2 port as the purple port is for a keyboard

What colour is PS2 mouse port?


How many pins on ps2 port?

2 sockets

Does PS2 work on PS3?

only 4 USB port models will play some of the PS2 games

Does the new playstation3 play PS2 games?

No 2 USB port PS3s do not play PS2 games

Can you play ps2 games on your ps3 slimline?

No the PS3 slim and most fat PS3s do Not Play PS2 games. Only the 4 USB port PS3s could play some PS2 games and you can not play PS2 games on any 2 USB port PS3s