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Washington and California

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Q: Which states have ten letters in their name?
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What are all the states with ten letters?

· California · Washington

How many letters was in your first president last name?

There are ten letters in George Washington's last name.

In kerala which city have ten letters in their name?


What is a name for a diplomatic minister with ten letters?


How many us states with 5 or less letters in their name?

Six states have five or less letters in their name. Iowa, Ohio and Utah have four letters in their name. Idaho, Maine and Texas have five letters in their name.

American state with 8 letters?

There are several states with 8 letters in the name. A few of the states are Missouri, Arkansas, and Michigan.

How many letters are in the last name of your first president?

ten ( Washington was his name.)

What president has ten letters in their last name?

George Washington!

A shape with five sides and ten letters in the name for a crossword?

five sides, 10 letters= pentagonal

How many states have a state name in them?

There are ten states with a Greenville in them.

Which states have fourteen letters in their name?

None of them.

What is a ten lettered name for antelope?

Hartebeest is an antelope found in Africa. It has 10 letters in the name.