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Piplup: Easiest to train, weakest

Turtwig: Kinda easy to train, Average

Chimchar: Hard to train, Strong

I chose piplup, but i would recommend turtwig.

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Q: Which starter Pokemon should you choose in Pokemon diamond?
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Which Starter Pokemon you should choose for Pokemon white?


Which should you get Pokemon Black or White?

you should get Pokemon white and choose TEPIG AS your starter.

Which Pokemon should you choose in diamond?

id recommend piplup

Which starter Pokemon in Pokemon black should you choose?

I am going to choose the water starter first time around. My brother played the Japanise version, and he said that the grass starter is the worst. And I dislike the looks of the fire one so yeah

Should I start my Pokemon sapphire over because I don't have a starter cause I migrated it to Pokemon diamond?

-yes if the Pokemon left stink -no if you have the same level Pokemon besides the starter then just continue or migrate that one two and then restart

Which starter Pokemon is the best in Pokemon ruby destiny?

you should choose torchic because fire and fighting is good at most hoenn gyms

Should I buy Pokemon Diamond or the sims 2 pets?

Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond Pokemon diamond

What Pokemon should i choose as your starter in Pokemon platinum?

a pliplup because and 1st gym battle is a rock type so yea...............and u need it for surf

What starting Pokemon and other 5 Pokemon should you use in diamond?

Choose Piplup as your starter (in comes in handy the most). Make sure you catch a Starly and a Shinx. It would be helpful if you caught a Machop, but you don't have to. Make sure you catch a Budew, also. Catch a Ponyta as soon as possible.

What starter should I choose in Pokemon Black 2 excluding Oshawott?

"Tepig" because his last form "Emboar" is so good.

How do you become piplup in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of sky?

Choose it when you just started playing the should know thatYou can also get it from lake verity when you have got your national dex. And you should know that horrorknight.Piplup is one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond. Simply start a new game and pick it as your starter Pokemon.

What starter Pokemon in soulsilver should i choose and what Pokemon to get to make my team kickass?

if boy cyndaquil if girl chicorita and to get a good team train up all your Pokemon to a high friendship state