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In the Sinnoh Dex? Buneary. Buneary are common in Platinum at Eterna Forest. Diamond/Pearl owners can also find one there, but not as common.

In the National Dex, #067 is Machoke. Machoke can be found on Route 226. AGAIN, more common in Platinum, 25% as opposed of Diamond/Pearl's 10%.

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Q: Which pokemon is number 67 on the pokedex in pokemon diamond?
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Where to find pokedex number 67 on Sinnoh pokedex?

that Pokemon is buneary and can be found in eterna forest

Will there ever be Pokemon hybrids?

Actually, there already exist a number of Pokemon hybrids throughout all of the Pokemon games, except maybe black and white. In the earlier games (namely red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, and crystal), a hexadecimal system was used to generate a series of codes depending on the area the trainer was located, which corresponded to a Pokemon number, usually assigned to a certain area. Now, in the above games, there were always blank entries for Pokemon, which were not used, therefore causing the game to freeze. However, Game Freak Inc. and Nintendo had filled these spots in the data buffer with entries of the PokeDex as #000, which corresponded to a wild Pokemon battle where there was no valid Pokemon. A couple of examples were MissingNo., h Poke, Z4, M., etc. All of these invalid Pokemon, which had scrambled sprites, were triggered when the trainer heads to the old man in the game, who offers to demonstrate how to catch a Pokemon. This causes the game to temporarily change the player's name to "OLD MAN", and to store the player's name in the game's data buffer. Because the hexadecimal system calculates the characters in the player's name as pokedex numbers, certain unused spots in the game's programming may be triggered. But, as you have seen above, the game has ALREADY assigned wild Pokemon to certain areas in the game. However, there are two locations in the game which don't have any such rules; Cinnabar Island and Seafoam Paradise/Islands. After the battle, if the player flies using a Pokemon to any of these two islands, and then surfs on the part tile/part water tiles in the game along the beach coast, the values in the players name (which are not valid pokedex correspondants) trigger the game to freeze, as there is no Pokemon for that code. That was why MissingNo., the first glitch Pokemon was created to prevent any such damage to the game. However, it not only caused the game to freeze when caught, but destroy other data, and multiply the sixth item in the players bag by 128. However, this was no hybrid Pokemon. It was fake. Hybrids like h POKE, Z4, and M., were accidentals in programming- literally versions of a pixel version of a regular Pokemon. Take h POKE. In these games, it had the pokedex data of a GENGAR, however, because it didn't have any valid info or sprite, it froze the game. Z4 was a hybrid of Beedrill, DY33748 a hybrid of Doduo, 67 a hybrid of Dodrio, and so on. Now you'll ask about hybrids in the fairly new games. I don't know about Black or White, but in Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum, by using Action Replay (which you should have heard of) and the wild Pokemon Modifier cheat code, through which while using the calculator in poketch, you can make any Pokemon WITHIN THE POKEDEX appear, from #1 to #493. Now, when you enter any other number, such as #494, #495, or #000, which are not valid in platinum, it triggers a non-existing Pokemon. If the number exceeds 500, the game freezes. Now, when you type 0 in the modifier, a MissingNo., or a glitch Pokemon with no stats (HP=0, Lv. 0). If you attempt to catch it, it will show it in the pokedex as a scrambled white marble like sprite. If you catch it, you won't find it in your PC box. If you have an empty space in your party, it appears as a ? in your party slot. You can't even get rid of it, unless you do SOMETHING or SOmething to release it. If you enter 494, an Egg will appear. You can only catch it with a master ball, but when it says "Egg's data was added to the PokeDex", the screen goes black and the game freezes- because it doesn't even have a pokedex page. It has a cry like a Nidoran M, squirtle, Dragonite, and larvitar mixed. if you type 495, the Bad Egg appears. Same with the Bad Egg. And do you know what these eggs are hybrids of? MissingNo. They are either Rotom, or MissingNo. eggs, and because MissingNo.'s pokedex page is scrambled, it won't have a page either. ------Thanks to Eevee for deriving the game codes.

What is the answer for number 67 of the impossible quiz?

A big hairy arsonist. (A big hairy arse on 'ist').

What level does ursaring learn hammer arm?

Ursaring learns Hammer Arm at level 67 in Pokemon X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire.

What is the answer to 67 on the impossible quiz?

67 - Big hairy arsonist

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What is the national pokedex number for Machoke?

Machoke is #67 in the national pokedex, and it is a Fighting type Pokemon.

Where to find pokedex number 67 on Sinnoh pokedex?

that Pokemon is buneary and can be found in eterna forest

What is Pokemon no 67 in pearl?

the Pokemon that you are looking is buneary if you using sinnoh pokedex.If you ask for national pokedex is machoke.

What levels are the Pokemon in the elite four in Pokemon diamond on Nintendo DS?

from lvl 46 to 67 i think

Where do you find TM 67 in Pokemon diamond?

you go to eterna masion.check around there.

How do you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

There is a secret in-game glitch that you can take advantage of if you have a strong starter Pokemon. The hack: (you can do this without action replay but action replay may help!)First, you need to defeat the elite four, 4 times. After that, fly home ad talk to your mom. She will give you EVERY Pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex that you do NOT have. She will deposit them DIRECTLY into your PC boxes. Start scanning from the 13th box or so. This will NOT fail and is NOT a scam. To complete the pokedex, (seeing every single sinnoh Pokemon), you will need to battle EVERY single trainer. It is indeed a hassle, but it does pay off. This only took me about 2 and a half weeks. only about 67:29 on the time log in screen. Indeed, many people donot want to waste time battling all the trainers but it seriously pays off.

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