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Genesis, Saturn failed

But Sega Saturn had 18X games in Japan.

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Q: Which one is better a Sega Genesis or a Sega Saturn?
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Where can one purchase the Sega Genesis 1 console?

The Sega Genesis 1 console is available for purchase at many retailers online. The two main online sites one can buy a Sega Genesis 1 are Amazon and eBay.

Where can one purchase the Sega Genesis Collection?

One can purchase the Sega Genesis Collection at a variety of places. Some examples are: "Amazon", "eBay", "GameStop", and many more. One can also download the Sega Genesis Collection directly from the PlayStation Network in the PlayStation Store.

Steven Spielberg had a problem with the naming of this gaming console which was the successor for Sega Saturn Which one?

Sega Dreamcast.

What is the Sega Genesis?

It was a console released by SEGA in 1989 and the first console to have Sonic the Hedgehog on it. I own one myself!

Where can one get a Sega Saturn emulator?

If one wished to play old Sega Saturn games on a computer, there are several emulators available online. Some examples include SSF, Yabause and Satourne.

How can one find the current value for a original Sega Genesis system?

You could find the current value for an original Sega Genesis system online, especially on the forums of the official sega website, or by looking at what others are selling theirs for on eBay or Amazon.

Where could one go to purchase used Sega Genesis games?

One can purchase Sega Genesis games from a few vendors. These include retro and use games resellers, as well as auction sites such as eBay or sites such as Craigslist.

Where can one find and purchase a power cable for a Sega Genesis?

Sega Genesis power cables can be purchased online at Amazon, Ebay, and the Nintendo Repair Shop. One can probably also find and purchase a good used one at a pawn shop or thrift store.

Where can you download knuckles chaotix?

if you want to play that game theres one easy way: download fusion emulator from here u download sonic chaotix ((and u can download all kinds of sega genesis roms too for free!)) here just look it up from the sega genesis or sega 32x its somewhere there

How do you Setup a Sega Genesis Model One without Sega CD or anything else?

Try this link... it may help.

Where can one purchase used Sega Genesis games?

Sega Genesis games can be bought on online platforms like Ebay, for example. The advantage of such platforms is that many people from all over the world sell their games, which increases the chance to find even rare or normally not available games.

Where can one find reviews on Sega Genesis emulator?

Most reviews are somewhat short and spotty, due to the casual and free nature of emulation. That said, Brandon Widder has written a good piece for Digital Trends which reviews the best emulators for various systems, including the Sega Genesis.