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try fire red and leaf green packs

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Q: Which is the best Pokemon pack to get rare cards?
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Which booster pack contains rare Pokemon cards?

Every Booster Pack contains its own rare Pokemon Cards that are original to the Booster Pack, so every Booster Pack contains rare cards. *edit* If you're lucky, your reverse holo (or what some people call "shiny") card might also be a rare, so you can get one or two rares in one pack.

When you open a Pokemon card pack how to you shuffle it to rare and reverse?

turn the 10 cards around and take three cards and then take two and put the three cards where the two cards were.

Is terrakion Pokemon card rare?

Every Terrakion Pokemon card that has been printed is at least a rare. Each pack of Pokemon cards includes at least one rare card, though it may contain a second rare card as the reverse holo.

Where can you find a level x Pokemon card?

These cards are ultre rare. For every 36 pack of cards u buy thes i an lexel X card in

What is the Pokemon card count for noble victories?

ok you are asking (what is the pokemon card count for noble victories)ok open the pack and make surethe cards are face down and count the cards 123 then the next 2 cards will be the rare

Can you get ex Pokemon cards in a booster pack?

yes u can get an ex in booster packs but good luck because they are really rare

What are shadowless Pokemon cards?

shadowless Pokemon cards are very rare and they have no shadows I HAVE THE COMPLETE COLLECTION OF SHADOWLESS POKEMON CARDS

How do you get rare yu-gi-oh cards?

Buy it on EBAY or but a pack that show the cards.

How do you get rare Pokemon cards?

you get them randomly in small packs, or you buy a starter pack and they tell you what Pokemon come with it. my friend got a shadow lugia in one of his packs, and you better believe it!!!!!

Are Pokemon trainer cards rare?

No they are not. I have been collecting Pokemon cards for almost my whole life and majority of the cards are trainer cards.

What are all the Pokemon cards and how rare they are?

Well,naming all Pokemon cards would be tough,but as for the rare cards I would go for old classic promo cards like Mew or something

Where can you find rare Pokemon cards?

In a shop that sells them along with the normal Pokemon cards genius.