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Both are very popular, but it's really about preference. Pokemon has probably has bigger popularity than Yu-Gi-Oh. Also Pokemon has had a huge impact on culture around the world from Video Games, merchandise, movies, tv shows, and the card game. Yu-Gi-Oh is very popular as a card game and tv show. I know 20-30 year old men who play Yu-Gi-Oh, even at huge events. They even win money and get PAID to play! Pokemon not as much. But both are great in my opinion.

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Q: Which is more popular pokemon or yu-gi-oh?
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Do pokemon cards get stolen more than yugioh cards can?

There have been more Pokemon Cards stolen then Yugioh Cards. Most of the Pokemon cards were stolen in the 1990's when Pokemon was the most popular. Kids had trouble keeping their cards because so many other kids wanted them and would steal them. Pokemon was one of the most popular children's programs on TV from 1994 through 2001.

Are Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon similar?

Pokemon is more like catching and yugioh is just having a deck of cards like poker and battle with them. i love both Pokemon and yugioh but i think yugioh is less childish

What is the difference between Pokemon and Yugioh?

Pokemon is trash and yugioh is awesome

Is Yu-Gi-Oh older or Pokemon?

Pokemon is older than yugioh. Pokemon started in 1996 Yugioh started in 1997

Is Pokemon better than yugio?

Both are good cards so both are better.Depends on your interests, if you like animals and fighting plus an alternative world then Pokemon is for you

Is Pokemon more popular than bakugan?

Pokemon is more popular worldwide. But i don't like either of them.

What is more popular out off Pokemon and Backugan?


Are Pokemon in yu-gi-oh cards?

No. there are Pokemon cards. then there ar yugioh cards. they are different

What games are more popular than club penguin?

None I did this survey at school and it said that everyone in my school loves it!! The Games my school hate are Moshi Monsters, Binweevils,Pokemon,Ben 10,Yugioh,and many more. I found out that there are over 300,000,000 accounts on club penguin

Can Luiga defeat Magician of Black Chaos?

NO! they would never battle. Lugia is Pokemon and Magician of Black Chaos is yugioh. Also Pokemon have attacks in the hundreds, and yugioh cards have attacks in the thousands.

What is popular FIFA or Pokemon?

Fifa games are way more popular than Pokemon games.

What is more popular Yu Gi Oh or Pokemon?