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Q: Which is better to get Pokemon diamond or Pokemon Pearl?
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Why is Pokemon diamond better then pearl?

its not

Is Pokemon Pearl better the diamond?

neither of them is better, they are both the same, but in diamond, you catch dialga, and in pearl, you catch palkia, and you can catch different Pokemon in each game for example: you can catch this Pokemon in diamond, but not pearl but: you can catch this different Pokemon in pearl, but not diamond

Which is better Pokemon platinum Pokemon diamond or Pokemon Pearl?

well they all have differences but i like pearl better. You should get either platinum or pearl.

What is better Pokemon diamond or pearl?

they are the same apart from some of the Pokemon

Is Pokemon Pearl better or is Pokemon Platinum?

I think Pokemon platinum is better because it has the Pokemon from diamond and pearl in it and also it is a little more challenging.

What is better diamond or pearl?

They are both equivalent, with minor changes in what Pokemon appear, such as Kabuto in Pearl and Omanyte in Diamond & Palkia in Pearl and Dialga in Diamond.

Is Pokemon pearl better than Pokemon diamond?

AnswerWell they are both exactly the same except from your first legendary Pokemon On the box of Diamond you see Dialga and on the box of Pearl you see PalkiaNow Dialga is better than Palkia in my opinionIf you like Dialga get Diamond and if you like Palkia get Pearl(I have both and I like Diamond better)

Is Pokemon Platinum better than diamond and pearl?

I believe that Pokemon platinum is better than diamond and pearl because it offers more features, and allows you to do much more cheats and tricks and get more Pokemon through normal game play than Pokemon diamond and pearl. Yes, it is.

What is the best Pokemon game and why?

Pokemon diamond n pearl it has the recentest Pokemon on and its better graphix

Whats better Pokemon Diamond or pearl?

diamond. the legendary has a better special move, and you can get a tyrannitar on there without importing.

Which one should you get Pokemon diamond or Pokemon Platinum?

Platinum is a remake of diamond and pearl, so it would be better to get platinum. Anyways, it's better.

Which Pokemon game is better Diamond or Pearl?

They are both exactly the same except Diamond gets Dialga and Pearl gets Palkia.

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