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Besides metioned below- get whip for attack, and defend or shared. WHIP HAS NO STRENGTH MOVE you can make up the lost stats of prayer by a shield...

If your training strength then SS its sames stats besides slight prayer boost and the crush...

Abyssal Whip -The Whip is alot cheaper than the Saradomin Sword and does slightly less damage if you are using the strength attack for the sara sword. The only advantage with the Abyssal Whip is that you can use a shield.

Saradomin Sword - The Saradomin Sword has about the same stats as the whip with exception of the +70 Crush Bonus. Although, you cannot use a shield with the Saradomin Sword, and the sara sword has a two-hit special attack while the whip has a fairly useless special.

It is your choice!

If you have the money, the saradomin sword is a better choice, but it could go either way. If training strength is why your considering a sara sword, you should try out the zamorakian spear; as fast as a whip and has a very high stab bonus (+85) with a decent strength bonus (+75) and cost 4.6m

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Q: Which is better a abyssal whip or a saradomin sword?
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Which is better a Sardomin sword or an Abyssal whip?

Saradomin sword for training strength, whip for attack or defence.

What is the best weapon in RuneScape for members?

Usually Abyssal Whip for it's attack bonuses and speed, but Dragon Scimitar is good because unlike Abyssal Whip it can train your strength. Also there is a Saradomin Sword that is good because it hits better than a Dragon Scimitar but it can train strength as well.

On runescape what's beter a dragonlong sword or a abyssal whip?

that's abbsyal whip of course

What is a good weapon for less than 2m runescape?

Dragon scimitar - Strength xp Abyssal Whip - Attack xp (over 2m) Saradomin Sword (best strength training weapon at 10m) Godsword - (fail at training) D scim ftw!@!@!

Whats the best weapon on runescape?

armadyl god sword for two handed weapons and abyssal whip for a single handed weapon

In RuneScape which is better the abyssal whip with a rune defender or Dharok's greataxe?

It depends on what you're looking for. With the greataxe, you get a great amount of damage but a slow speed, although outdone by the godsword. The abyssal whip on the other hand, has a very good amount of damage, about as much as a Dragon 2h, and goes at a very good speed with quality accuracy. The godsword and abyssal whip are considered to be the best weapons in the game, so I recommend if you want a good weapon you do one of those, the godsword for the highest damage in the game, but slow speed, or the abyssal whip for good speed but medium-high damage. In my opinion if you want to get a godsword, you get the Saradomin Godsword, because it heals you and it has a medium price compared to the others and is considered a really good environment weapon, good in all cases.

Is a dragon scimitar better or a abyssal whip in runescape?

the abyssal whip is more powerful, but the dragon scimitar is around about 3mil cheaper. I would recommend buying the abyssal whip if you have 3mil to spare. If not then going for the dragon Scimitar would be a good idea, due to the fact that it is not that much less powerful but is a lot cheaper, and both of the weapons have the same attack speed.

What is the strongest weapon in RuneScape?

Dudes a one handed strongest is abyssal whip is one best for training strengh and one haned is vesta longsword and the strongest 2h sword is zamarok god sword.

If you have dyed your abyssal whip in runescape can you can you get the dye off?

its called paint not dye, and yes, you can take it off by using a cleaning cloth on your abyssal whip.

What shields go good with the Abyssal Whip?

An obby shield goes well with a whip

Is a whip better then a dragon 2h sword in rs?

yes it is, but a whip is more expensive. i have a whip and its awesome. but u can check the attack bonnuses if your not sure

Are there requirements to use the whip in RuneScape?

Yes, you need 70 Attack to weild the Abyssal Whip.