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Q: Which female singers have first name beginning with M and last name beginning with M?
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Female singers with last nameBlack?

Cilla Jeanne

Who are female country singers with the last name starting with the letter ''a''?

Country singers whose first names start with A include: Anne Murray Alan Jackson Alison Krauss

Who are some singers starting with C?

Singers with first names beginning with C:Cher loydCarole KingCelene DionChristopher CrossChuck BerryCharlie PrideCharlie DanielsCharlotte ChurchCheryl coleSingers with last names beginning with C:Vanessa CarltonKelly ClarksonSheryl CrowGlen CampbellNatalie ColeMilie Cyruscheryl cole

What singers have the last name starting with b?

male singers with first name Micheal

Female singers with the last name Turner?

tina ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, Tina Turner is the name of a singer.

What are the last names of singers who have a first name of Dan?


Who was the first and last male and female vampires?

me and you was the first and last male and female vampirans

What female author has a last name beginning with Y?

Rosie Yankorvilonich!

What female singer last name starts with the letter b?

Pearl Bailey and Suzy Bogguss are famous singers.

Can you name some female singers whose last name starts with A?

Paula AbdulAdele AdkinsChristina AguileraAmy AdamsLauren Alaina

What are a pair of singers called?

What is a pair off singers called ? its only 3 letter but the last letter or the first is a D so plz answer my question?.....

Gospel singers beginning with the letter j?

Gospel Singers - first names - J: * Jade Trini Goring * Judith McCalister * Jake Hess * Vickie Winans (part of the gospel group, The Winans Family) Gospel Singers - last names - J: * Mahalia Jackson * Rev. Andrew Jenkins * Blind Willie Johnson * Mitchell Jones * Rev. James Clevland