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The star castle because we is a star princess ok

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Q: Which castle does Princess Rosalina live in?
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What is princess rosalina's last name?

Princess Rosalina's last name is Star.

What is the history of princess rosalina?

princess rosalina's history is being a avrege American teenage girl

Where does princess rosalina live?

princess roslina in super Mario bros ives in outerspace with all the infinite star pets

Is princess rosalina real?


Who is prettier Princess Peach or Rosalina?

princess peach

Where did a medieval princess live?

A medieval princess lived in a castle with her parents.

Where would a princess live?

In a large castle

Is princess Rosalina married to pit?


Were does princess peach live in?

Princess Peach lives in her castle but is with Bowser most of the time

Who is ugliest princess peach princess daisy or princess rosalina?

Everyone is beautiful in their own way.

How old is Princess Rosalina?

Princess Rosalina's age is unknown in the games, but she might still be in her 20s or so because her aging must've stopped in outer space.

Is baby rosalina a Mario Kart charter -?

No, there is only the regular Rosalina. The only babies are; Baby Mario Baby Luigi Baby Princess Peach Baby Princess Daisy