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In the Safari Zone after obtaining the National Dex.

Or you could trade it from Pearl/Diamond/Platinum.

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Q: Which area can you find shelgon in soul silver?
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How do you get salamance in soul silver?

You can find a Bagon in the Safari Zone. From there, evolve it into Shelgon and then Salamence.

Where do you get a salamence in soul silver?

Evolve from a Shelgon at level 50

How do you get a shelgon in the safari zone on soul silver?

In the safari zone wetlands

Can you get a salemance in soul silver?

You can catch both Bagon and Shelgon in the safari zone. Both take a lot of previous time in the the safari zone. Bagon evolves into Shelgon at level 30 and Shelgon evolves into Salamance at level 50.

Where in the safari zone can you find merkrow in soul silver?

Forest Area.

Which safari zone area do you find riolu in soul silver?

in the meadow

Where do you find shinx in soul silver?

In the safari zone in the forest area i think

How do you find Psyduck soul silver?

First you can have it traded to you, or if you look more in the western area, you should find it.

Can you catch a shelgon?

Try the Safari Zone in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Other than those versions you havec to trade or evolve a Bagon.

Where is Lucario in soul silver?

you can't find him but riolu (pre evolved form) is in the safari area find him and evolve it

Where can you find likytung Soul silver?

You can get Lickitung on Route 44 or in the Safari Zone (Mountain area).

Where is the best area to find a pikachu holding a light ball in heart gold and soul silver?

in your mum