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Q: Which Sims 2 do you use to make Twilight?
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How do you find Jacob in the sims 2?

What are you talking about??? If you mean Twilight Jacob, that isn't possible until you make a Jacob.

Where can you find a Sims 2 download of Twilight princess link?

EA Games website for the Sims 2 has a few of those models, as well as links to other sites with the full twilight cast. See links.

Which is better to make twilight sim's 2 or 3?

Sims 3, I would say. Sims 2 is a little harder, even though there are some really good downloads out there. If you want to make the Twilight family yourself, I would recommend downloading Custom Content. Not too much though, always stay on the safe side, or it could mess up your game. You can also download ready-made Twilight Sims and houses from many places, there are awesome versions out there! Hope this helped!

What is the cheat for getting money on sims 2 nightlife?

It's the same with any sims 2 game on PC. For Sims one you can do rosebud. SIms 2 1,000 is kaching 50,000 is motherlode/ From twilight maniac I also translate spanish :)

On what Sims Game can you make 2 floors?

you can make a house with 2 floors in both sims 1 and sims 2.

How do you make a college in sims 2?

You have to have Sims 2 University to make a college.

Can you use sims 2 body shop on The Sims 3?

Unfortunately, you cannot use Sims 2 Body Shop on Sims 3.

Can I use sims 2 to play sims 2 university that is after installing sims 2 then sims 2 university while using the sims 2 icon on the desktop?


Can sims make out on sims 2 pets psp?

No, but they can get married, and they can kiss. If you want the make out feature buy the Sims 2.

How do you make anorexic sims on sims 2?

You can not make a Sim anorexic.

How can you make youself a sim in The Sims 2?

Yes you can make yourself a sim in the sims 2.

How do you make draculaura on sims 2?

You have to have sims 2 bodyshop and make her and all kinds of stuff