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empolion and have starly ,bidoof and pichu

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Q: Which Pokemon team is the best in pearl?
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What is best team in Pokemon pearl?

my team

Where is Team rocket in Pokemon Pearl?

In Pokemon Pearl Team Rocket aren't the villains, Team Galactic are.

Can you jion team galactic in Pokemon Pearl?

You may not join Team Galactic in Pokemon Pearl or Diamond.

What is the best team to have on Pokemon Pearl?

my team is empoleon,heracross,garchomp,magmorter,electivire,and lucario and they are very beast

Who is the best Pokemon you can find in Pokemon Pearl?

the best Pokemon you can catch in Pokemon pearl is heatran

Is this a good team for Pokemon Pearl?

what pokemon do you have?

Is exploud good in Pokemon Pearl?

yes exploud is a good Pokemon for pearl i have it on my team

What are the Pokemon team in Pokemon Diamond?

Both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have Team Galactic as the main antagonist team.

What is the best Pokemon you can get on pearl?

i think that the best Pokemon you can ever have in Pokemon pearl is Empoleon or Palkia not rare^ rare^

How do you beat Team Galatic on top of Mount Coronet in Pokemon Pearl?

the best way to do it is use grass type Pokemon hope i helleped

What Pokemon should be on a Pokemon Pearl good team?

A good Pokemon team would consist of different types of Pokemon.

Best Pokémon team on Pokémon Diamond?

mainly its your rival inpokemon platinum but Cynthia on Pokemon diamond and pearl