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I have: dragonair-dragon rush, dragon rage, thunder, Draco meteor nidoking-toxic spikes, earth power, sludge bomb, earthquake ho-oh-extrasensory, fly, fire blast, sacred fire typhlosion-fire blast, flamethrower, flamewheel, lava plume ampharos-discharge, thunder, thunderpunch, signal beam poliwhirl-hypnosis, waterfall, surf, focus punch I am waiting until after the elite four to fix my team up. I know ho-oh Is a bad choice and poliwhirl shouldn't have 2 HM moves. Just tell me which one would be best and maybe 1 move to teach them. I can get to Lance with all Pokemon at full health.

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Q: Which Pokemon should I use against champion lance?
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Who is Lance in pokemon soulsilver?

lance is the champion in the johto league, after beating the elite four you will face off against lance.and his Pokemon are really good.

Who is the champion in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?

The Pokemon champion is Lance, the dragon champion. He was the champion in the original Pokemon gold and silver.

Who is lance in Pokemon HeartGold?

he is the Pokemon league champion

Who is the Pokemon league champion in Pokemon soulsilver?


How do you beat the champion in Pokemon Gold?

the champion in gold and silver is lance. he has 3 dragonites, a charizard, a gyarados, and a aerodacty. against his aerodactyl and dragonites, you should use a strong ice Pokemon like lapris with ice beam. against his charizard and gyarados, use an ampharos with thunder punch.

Where is lance after you defeat him in a double battle in the dragons den?

Lance is at the Pokemon League as the Champion

Is your Pokemon heartgold team all right for champion lance?


Who is the champion of the Kanto region in pokemon?

On top of Mount Silver after beating the elite four, his name is red, litteraly

Who is the Pokemon elite four champion in soul silver?

The Elite Four Champion in Pokémon SoulSilver Version is Champion Lance.

Where you can fight lance in Pokemon Crystal?

At the end of the elite 4 he is the champion.

Who is the Pokemon league champion in HeartGold?

the champ, not the chump lolololo0ol, is Lance the pokemon leugue champ

In the Pokemon anime is Lance the champion or just an elite four member?

Lance is just one of the elite four.