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Pokemon Platinum has two different Pokedexes: the Sinnoh dex and the National Pokedex. In the Sinnoh dex, #152 is Rotom. In the National Pokedex, it's Chikorita.

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Q: Which Pokemon is number 152 in the Pokemon Platinum pokedex?
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What is Pokemon 152 on Pokemon Platinum?

In the sinnoh pokedex rotom is number 152 but in the national pokedex rotom is number 479 and chickorita is number 152

What is the Pokemon number 152 on the Pokemon platinum pokedex?


What is Pokemon number 152 in the pokedex in platinum?


What Pokemon is number 152 in platinum in the Sinnoh dex?

There is no number 152 in the Sinnoh Pokedex however number 152 in the National Pokedex is Chikorita.

What is number 152 on Sinnoh pokedex in Pokemon platinum?


What Pokemon is in the Pokemon pokedex Pokemon Platinum which the number is152?

Sinnoh Dex #152 -- Rotom National Dex #152 -- Chikorita

What is number 152 in the pokedex?

Number 152 is Rotom on platinum :)

What Pokemon is pokedex number152 in Pokemon Platinum?

Pokemon 152 is Chickoreta

What Pokemon is 152 in Sinnoh pokedex for platinum?


152 Pokemon in Sinnoh pokedex on platinum?


What is 152 on the pokedex platinum?

The 152 Pokemon in the Pokedex is Rotom, not the other Rotom's just electric Rotom

No Pokemon Platinum what Pokemon is number 152?

Chikorita. if you want to know other Pokemon about go to: