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Dark and Ghost Pokemon are good against the Psychic Type Kadabra, Kadabra's defense is usually one of its weakest stats, so to eliminate it quickly, use an attacking move that is Ghost or Dark.

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Q: Which Pokemon is good against kadabra?
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How do you evolve kadabra in Pokemon crater?

You Go To My PokeMon And When He Ready 2 Evolve You Csan Evolve Him Have A Good Day :)

How do you evolve kadabra in pokemon platnum?

in order to evolve kadabra you have to trade it

When does kadabra evolves Pokemon platinum?

Kadabra evolves upon trading.

What level does kadabra evoleve at on Pokemon?

Kadabra evolves to Alakazam when traded

What is the level of Sabrina's Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed?

kadabra 38 mrmime 37 kadabra 38 alakazam 43

What level does kadabra evolve on Pokemon platinum?

No he said Pokemon indigo! An online game is what he means. lol you have to trade him either way, i gave my friend a Kadabra but when he received it, it was a Alakazam

Which level do you get kadabra in Pokemon emerald?

Abra evolves into Kadabra at Lv. 16.

Should you use a kadabra in your team?

yes, because kadabra it is phichic Pokemon

Pokemon firered what level does kadabra evolve?

Kadabra can only evolve by trading.

When does kadabra evolve on Pokemon FireRed?

Kadabra only evolves during a trade.

Does kadabra evolve in Pokemon Silver?

Kadabra only evolves during a trade.

When does a kadabra evolve on Pokemon Yellow?

You'll have to trade your Kadabra in order for it to evolve.