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I would say that they are probably both the same

I would say that they are probably both the same

Are you kidding me? Grimer and muk rule dude!!! RULE. Dont get a stupid Koffing. Grimer Grimer Grimer!

They are almost the same but koffing can become your ultimate trickster. I'd say go with koffing because of its only 1 weakness to phychic.

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Q: Which Pokemon is better grimer or koffing?
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Why in the Pokemon Firered Pokedex some Pokemon appear on Celadon City?

They appear on the water Pokemon such as Grimer, Koffing, Magikarp, And Goldeen.

What Jhoto Pokemon can you get on Pokemon ruby version?

I believe that you can get.... Machop, Geodude, Koffing, Grimer, Horsea, Abra, oddish, gloom, zubat, magickarp, tentacool

What level does a Grimer Koffing and a Slugma evolve?

A Grimer evolves into Muk at Level 38, a Koffing evolves into Weezing at Level 34 and a Slugma evolves into Magcargo at Level 38.

What is inside the pokemon mansion in FireRed?

There are various Pokémon available to capture inside the mansion in FireRed version. For example, there is Koffing and Grimer.

What Pokemon are in fiery path in Pokemon ruby?

I have emerald and I have found geodude, torkoal and koffing. There is also graveler, murk and grimer. Possibly there could be slugma and numel. Evolutions of slugma and numel are rare. Catch when possible.

What poison Pokémon do you get in Pokémon LeafGreen?

Grimer, Koffing, Nidoran Boy and Girl and their evolution chain.

What is the mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

The Pokemon that can be found in the Pokemon Mansion in Pokemon FireRed are Rattata, Raticate, Grimer, Muk, Growlithe, Koffing, Weezing and Ditto and you will also be able to find the key that will unlock the door to the Cinnabar Gym.

Where can you find a poison type in Pokemon silver?

You can find Ekans down in the grass on the path down to union cave.

Where can you find grimer in Pokemon emerald?

Safari zone, but I can't remember which area. Probably swamp. Hope I helped!

Is grimer on Pokemon FireRed?

Yes, Grimer can be caught in Pokemon Fire Red.

Who evolves before grimer in Pokemon?

Grimer does not have a pre-evolution. The Pokemon before Grimer in the PokeDex is Dewgong, evolution of Seel.

What is Pokemon number 109 on Pokemon Diamond?

it is koffing. Koffing i think is the one.